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Multi-fiber assemblies (trunk cables)

Multifiber cable assemblies combine the bandwidth capacity of several individual cable assemblies into a single convenient, easy-to-use and quick-to-install cable assembly. Multifiber cable assemblies are traditionally used in backbone, premises distribution, and interconnect applications which require multiple fibers to be routed together from point-to-point.

Multi-fiber Cable Assemblies

Custom multifiber assemblies are manufactured to meet the individual customer’s exact needs and special requirements. Listed below are some of the different cable types and constructions available to you for the build of your multifiber assembly. An assembly can be created from any brand(s) or type(s) of cables and connectors. All of our assemblies meet quality standards, are individually tested by our experienced technicians, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Cable types and constructions

  • 2 to 144 fiber count available
  • Singlemode, multimode and hybrid
  • Riser, plenum or LSZH
  • 900 micron distribution
  • 250 micron distribution
  • Breakout distribution
  • Ribbon
  • Interlocking armor tight buffered
  • OSP
  • Armored OSP
  • Loosetube
  • Bend-insensitive
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Direct burial
  • ADSS
  • Messenger
  • Tactical
  • Outside plant
  • MTP ribbon
  • Plug and play
  • Harnesses
  • Breakout kits
  • Pulling eyes
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